Service and Technical Support

Let us begin with our promise to you in relation to your technical support enquiry. We will:

  • Adopt a customer friendly attitude towards you;

  • Ensure a technically proficient staff member manages your enquiry;

  • Communicate with you in order to understand exactly what it is you’re seeking us to do for you.

    Now let us begin to help you with your enquiry,

    1. A copy of the INVOICE or INVOICE NUMBER must be provided for service and support to commence.

    2. Please call our Service Department on (07) 3421 3200 and push 2 during our normal trading hours, or bring in your computer or product to our service department.

Phone Support:

Available during standard business hours. Assist in basic diagnoses of issues or advice on support and warranty

Return-to-Base :

All machines are covered with a return to base warranty at Computer Alliance.

Please note:

  1. Service is inclusive of parts and labour, but does not include software issues and re-installation or configuration of the customer’s software.

  2. If the computer or product proves to be not faulty or affected by any of the above, then Computer Alliance may charge the customer a minimum service fee of $45, payable on pick up of the computer or part.

  3. Data is not included under warranty. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure data is backed up as Computer Alliance is not responsible for data loss.

    Supply of Invoice

    In order for Computer Alliance to effectively support you with your technical issue, we ask that all customers provide an INVOICE NUMBER of their purchased computer or product, prior to commencement of telephone support. If an invoice number is not provided then Computer Alliance reserves the right to refuse service and technical telephone support.

    Troubleshooting by Phone

So we can efficiently manage your enquiry and avoid unwanted delays we kindly ask that before bringing your computer or product in to our service department that you call our Service and Technical Support department to undertake troubleshooting on 07 3421 3200

Support from the Manufacturer

We sell products where the manufacturer provides direct customer support, such as Notebook, Tablets, Monitors, Printers, Cameras, and Networking products.

When a problem arises with these products, you have the option to contact either Computer Alliance or the manufacturers support service. In some cases, the manufacturer may possess specialist support knowledge relating to the product and may be able to provide more effective phone support.

For warranty claims, some products may need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair before being returned to you. You are welcome to drop such products into our service centre, but in some cases processing time may be less if you return the product directly to the manufacturers service centre.

If you are unsure who would be best to contact for support about any product we sell, please contact our service department.