Alliance IEM Typhoon GTX1660Ti Gaming Desktop

The Alliance IEM Typhoon GTX1660Ti Gaming Desktop is designed for mid-tier gaming performance. Powered by an Intel 9th generation processor, with 16GB RAM, Intel NVMe SSD for super-fast load times, and the GTX1660Ti, there aren’t many e-sport titles this machine can’t handle at high settings in 1080p resolution.

The GTX1660Ti is a high value low cost powerhouse for gaming graphics. Intended for mid-tier performance at 1080p resolutions. The GTX1660Ti is the perfect card for the budget gamer. Capable of rendering stunning visuals in games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO and Overwatch.

The Alliance IEM Typhoon GTX1660Ti Gaming Desktop can satisfy the requirements of all gaming enthusiasts. The Intel 9th Generation Processors gives gamers a great advantage when it comes to not only in-game performance, but also streaming and game footage capture.

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