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SilverStone Air Penetrator AP81 80mm Fan

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80x80x25mm / Air channeling fan / Mixed black blade design with black frame / 3pin fan ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer PN: SST-AP81
GTIN: 844761011406

silverstone air penetrator ap81 80mm fan

? Industry leading air channeling fan

? Mixed fan blade design for noise reduction

? Integrated air channeling grille double as fan guard to reduce overall size

? Low power consumption

Typical case fans, no matter how quiet when spinning on their own, usually produce clear audible noise when installed as intake case fans. This higher-pitched noise is the result of air turbulence generated between fan blades and the case??s intake grille. The AP81, on the other hand, uses the award-wining fan blade design from AP123 with three distinct shape and sizes to create uneven airflow which is capable of reducing noise frequency effectively compared to traditional fan designs. Besides noise reduction, the unique fan blades are also designed to generate high airflow and static pressure simultaneously for great performance.



Model No. SST-AP81
Color black
Bearing sleeve
Connectors 3pin
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Start Voltage 4.5V DC
Rated Current 0.16A
Rated Power 4.2W (Max.)
Speed 3000??10% rpm
Airflow 29.5CFM
Static Pressure 2.9mmH2O
Noise Level 30dBA
Life Time 25,000 hr
Dimension 80mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 25mm (H)
3.15" (L) x 3.15" (W) x 0.98" (H)
Weight 80g