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Netgear ProSupport OnCall 24x7 Category 1

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In addition to long warranties and durable product design, NETGEAR® offers professional, round-the-clock service support over the telephone and next-working-day product replacement. All service support contracts are valid for 3 years, PN PRR0331-100AUS ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST! CASH PRICE
Manufacturer PN: PRR0331-100AUS
Warranty: 1 Year
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Covers the following SKU's:

DGFV338 FS108 FS108P FS116 FS116E FS116P FS726T FS726TP FS728TP FS728TS FS750T2 FS752TS FSM7226RS FSM726 FSM726E FVG318 FVS114 FVS124G FVS318 FVS318G FVS336G FVS338 FVX538 GS105 GS105E GS108 GS108T GS116 GS524T GS716T GS724AT GS724T GS724TR GS724TS GS748AT GS748T JFS516 JFS524 JFS524E JFS524F JGS516 JGS524 JGS524F RND2XXX SRXN3205 WAGL102 WAG102 WAG302 WGL102 WG102 WG103 WG302 WNAP210 WNDAP330 WNDAP35