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6 Bay Icy Dock MB326SP-B ExpressCage 2.5" HDD / SSD Hot Swap Enclosure

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The ExpressCage MB326SP-B brings to you our highly consumer-friendly enclosure made for anyone that requires high storage density. The MB326SP-B fits up to 6 x 2.5 SATA/SAS HDD/SSD (5mm - 9.5mm) into a single external 5.25 bay with the ability to hot swap for easy drive replacement. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer PN: MB326SP-B
GTIN: 884826504726
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The ExpressCage MB326SP-B brings to you our highly consumer-friendly enclosure made for anyone that requires high storage density. The MB326SP-B fits up to 6 x 2.5” SATA/SAS HDD/SSD (5mm - 9.5mm) into a single external 5.25” bay with the ability to hot swap for easy drive replacement. The ExpressCage name reflects the tool-less drive installation design that makes installing your drive just as simple as a tray-less device, and optional bottom tray screw holes are provided for extra protection and added stability. With dual 40mm cooling fans placed behind the unit and all around ventilation, your drives will stay cooler than the Arctic. The fan speed slider switch lets you choose between HIGH, LOW, or AUTO smart cooling, so you can set it based on your preference.


The ExpressCage MB326SP-B combined the stability of a tray system and the convenience of a tray-less system, makes it the perfect storage enclosure for power users and system builders.

Utilize the Standard 5.25” Bay


Bringing high density 2.5” storage array into a desktop computer system, ICY DOCK’s ExpressCage MB326SP-B turns any standard external 5.25” bay into a hot-swappable drive enclosure cage and fits up to 6 x 2.5” SAS / SATA HDD/SSD between 5mm to 9.5mm in height. The MB326SP-B supports SATA III 6Gbps and is backward compatible with SATA II and SATA I drives. In addition, our active power feature keeps your enclosure powered down until a drive is inserted minimizing energy usage.

Innovative ExpressTray Design


The magic of our ExpressTray simplifies the drive installation process, offering a more flexible, hassle-free drive installation and maintenance. To install a new drive, just place the hard drives or SSDs on the ExpressTray and then insert the tray into the ExpressCage and you are ready to go. To remove drive, you simply need to reverse the process. Pull on the rear tab of the tray to free up the drive and then remove the drive. Our reinforced latching system located on the ExpressTray is made extremely durable so you won’t have issues with them further down the road.


Furthermore, for applications where require extra drive stability and security, an optional bottom tray screw holes are provided for added drive protection. Ventilated slots in front of and beneath the tray help keep airflow extremely efficient to keep your drives icy cool.

Features upon Features


Through careful planning and design, we’ve incorporated the most desired features into our ExpressCage MB326SP-B.

6 bay icy dock mb326sp-b expresscage 25 hdd  ssd hot swap enclosure

Dual 40mm cooling fans located rear of the unit keeps your drives cool by ventilating all 6 drives and dissipating heat through air vents surrounding the unit. Control the amount of air flow with included fan speed slide switch. Set the fan to HIGH for maximum airflow, LOW for whisper quiet operations, or AUTO for smart cooling (determines the temperature of the drive and changes the fan’s RPM accordingly to keep your drives cool).

If the preinstalled fans are not your preferred choice, we’ve made it easily upgradable with any standard 40mm fan with 3pin header. Choose your favorite aftermarket fan and install it into our ExpressCage MB326SP-B with no effort at all.


Additionally, each bay has its own indicator light to notify you of any hard drive activity. Soft-blue LEDs makes it easier to sense when the drives are in use without straining your eyes. Locking latch support for both 7pin SATA and 15pin power connectors secures your connection so they’ll never slip out of place. (Requires cable with supporting locking latch features as well)


Drive Tray


ExpressTray MB322TP-B ExpressCage MB326 & MB322 Series Drive Tray

Key Features


• Supports up to 6 x 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD/SSD into a single 5.25" bay
• Support SATA 6Gbps or SAS single channel (requires SAS host)
• Hot-swappable bays for quick drive installation
• Accommodates 2.5" drives with 5mm, 7mm & 9.5mm height
• Active Power Technology (APT) - only powers up if there is drive installed in the drive bay
• Removable ExpressTray system for tool-less, easy installation comparable to tray-less designs
• Optional bottom mounted screw holes for increased stability
• Blue indicator LED provided for each bay
• Dual 40mm fan for drive cooling
• 3 pin fan headers to support many aftermarket fan upgrades
• 2 x 15pin SATA power connection powers all 6 drives
• Locking latch design for both 7 pin SATA connector and 15 pin power adapter
• Fan speed control for HIGH, LOW, and AUTO (smart cooling) settings
• Metal case with heavy duty ABS tray and door latch
• Designed for power users and system builder applications, mainly space saving
  and hot swap usage and for 2.5” HDD or SSD

ICY DOCK ExpressCage MB326SP-B 6 x 2.5" SATA 6Gbps/SAS HDD/SSD Mobile Rack / Cage in 1 x 5.25" bay (Unique Tool-less drive installation design)

Model Number :


Color :


Host Interface :

6 x 7pin SATA

Drive Fit :

6 x 2.5" SATA or SAS (single channel) HDD/SSD

Compatible Drive Heights :

5mm, 7mm & 9.5mm

Device Fit :

Single 5.25" half height device bay

Transfer Rate :

Up to 6 Gb/sec. (depending on hard drive speed)

Power Input :

2 x 15pin SATA power port

Insert& Extract connection Via :

Direct SAS/ SATA hard drive connection

Structure :

Plastic and metal

Drive Cooling :

2 x 40mm rear cooling fan

Fan Speed Control :

High / Low / Auto Switch

Power Indicator :

Solid blue LED

HDD Access Indicator :

Blinking blue LED

Dimension (L x W x H) :

145.8 x 41.3 x 146.5mm

Weight :