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Sorry, the 5 Metre DisplayPort Male to Male Cable is no longer available

Please consider these similar items that are currently in stock:

ALOGIC HDMI Male to DisplayPort Female Adapter with USB Cable for Power - BLACK

The Alogic HDMI to DisplayPort Converter Adapter with USB Power sends video signals from an existing desktop computer or another source device with a HDMI video output port to a projector or monitor with a DisplayPort input. This converter is an ideal solution schools conference rooms or other work spaces when upgrading to a new monitor or projector.

2 Metre ALOGIC USB-C Male to DisplayPort Male Cable

ALOGIC Ultra USB-C (Male) to DisplayPort (Male) Cable is designed to output 3840 x 2160, 4K@60Hz resolutions of up to form a USB-C enabled Laptop/Tablet/Phone to your DisplayPort compatible monitor, projector or TV. This next-gen cable is bidirectional and will also allow for connection between a DisplayPort enabled computer to a USB-C enabled monitor. The adapter works with all USB-C (with DP Alt Mode) and DisplayPort enabled devices such as your MacBook, iPad Pro, Windows Laptop/Desktops or Smart etc