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Sorry, the 18.4" Everki Lunar Notebook Bag PN EKB417BK18 is no longer available

Please consider these similar items that are currently in stock:

32GB SODIMM DDR5 5200MHz Crucial RAM for Laptops CT32G52C42S5

Crucial DDR5 Laptop Memory can empower your computer to transfer 50% more data than DDR4 at launch, resulting in faster load times, file transfers, downloads, refresh rates and less lag time.

32GB SODIMM UNRANKED DDR5 4800MHz Crucial RAM for Notebooks CT32G48C40S5

Technology, DDR5
Speed, DDR5-4800
PC speed, PC5-38400
Density, 32GB
Module type, SODIMM
DIMM type, Unbuffered
CAS latency, 40
Extended timings, 40-39-39
Voltage, 1.1V
Kit Qty, 1
Warranty, Limited Lifetime