Alliance i7 1650 Gaming Desktop

The Alliance i7 1650 Gaming Desktop features the latest computing technology from premium manufacturers such as Intel, NVidia and Thermaltake to create a responsive, reliable system that meets the demands of a wide variety of modern users.

Is your focus productivity, multi-tasking or amateur image editing? The Hex Core CPU and 16GB RAM will provide a stable, fast platform for applications such as Microsoft Office, MYOB or Adobe Photoshop.

Are you a gamer? The GTX1650 GPU from Nvidia will provide 1080p gaming, in most modern games, between 30 and 60 FPS. For higher frame rates, gamers may consider lowering various settings and visual effects.

Please note, changes can be made to the below configuration to meet specific needs, so if you would like to discuss a custom configuration with one our expert sales staff, please contact our store on 07 3421 3200 or email

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Core Components