Alliance Guardian Esports Desktop

Computer Alliance are thrilled to help Australian gamers decimate the competition, with our series of High-Performance eSports Desktops. Computer Alliance currently offer 5 unique, dominant desktops - at a variety of price-points – that assist a wide array of gamers in their quest for glory.

The Alliance eSports Guardian Desktop combines the outstanding Intel 9700KF CPU – an 8-core 16-thread, 3.6GHz powerhouse – with an MSi 2070 Super GPU, to produce a powerful platform for eSports domination. The Nvidia 2070 Super utilizes 8GB of blisteringly fast GDDR6 memory, to not only render between 140 – 280 FPS in popular eSports titles such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Fortnite or Overwatch, but also allow more stunning visual effects to be enabled, without sacrificing your Average FPS.

Computer Alliance are committed to help develop the eSports community in Australia and look forward to your contributions. For more information about upcoming eSports showcases, competitions and giveaways, check out our social channels and join our community.

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