Alliance XP Esports Tournament Desktop

Computer Alliance are proud to be the Premier Technology Provider for XP Esports Australia. XP Esports represent a passionate, grass-roots eSports movement that hosts exciting competitions and produces professional marketing to develop the exciting Australian eSports community. An XP Esports event showcases quality competitive gaming – in games such as Fortnite, PUBG, COD, Rainbow 6, Rocket League and more – in an innovative and inclusive manner, suitable for all ages and identities.

The Alliance XP Esports Tournament Desktop utilizes affordable, high performance technology from leading manufacturers such as Intel, NVidia, ASUS and Cooler Master to create a system that not only delivers high level, 1080p performance in your favourite eSports titles, but also looks great doing it. Intel’s 9400F CPU, WD’s 500GB Black NVMe SSD and ASUS’s GTX1660 Super GPU will give you the speedy, stable platform needed to leave your foes in the dust.

Computer Alliance recently built 30 Alliance XP Esports Tournament Desktops to power the heart of their competitions and showcases around South East Queensland. Computer Alliance are committed to help develop the Esports community in Australia and look forward to your contributions. For more information about upcoming eSports events, check out our social channels and head over to the XP Esports website at:

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