Alliance Ripper 2080 Gaming Desktop

The Alliance Ripper 2080 Gaming Desktop is designed for extreme gaming performance, powered by the AMD Threadripper CPU, with 32GB RAM, SSD for super-fast load-times, and the RTX2080, it can crush high-resolution gaming, and power user requirements.

The RTX2080 is a powerhouse for gaming graphics. Intended for high performance in 2K and even 4K resolutions, the RTX2080 can power an elite enthusiast’s rig. Capable of rendering the stunning visuals of games like Battlefield 5, The Witcher 3, Total War Warhammer 2, and running VR games smoothly.

Alliance Ripper 2080 Gaming Desktop can satisfy requirements of gaming enthusiasts, and allow for streaming simultaneously. For more advanced needs, changes can be made to the below configuration to suit

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