Alliance Ryzen 5 580 Gaming Desktop

The Alliance Ryzen 5 580 Gaming Desktop combines the power of the latest generation AMD Ryzen 5 processor, with an SSD for fast boot times and graphics driven by the AMD RX580.

AMD’s RX580 is designed to smash gaming at 1080p and allow gamers to make use of the full array of graphics options and settings on modern games, such as Overwatch, Fortnight and League of Legends. Gamers looking for higher than 1080p resolution and extreme frame rates should consider lowering graphics settings, or selecting an alternate graphics card.

The Alliance Ryzen 5 580 Gaming Desktop is designed for gaming performance and fast day-to-day use. Note that changes can be made to the below configuration to suit more advanced needs or for PC enthusiast-level gaming, consider an alternative Alliance desktop system or call to discuss a custom configuration with one our expert sales staff on 07 3421 3200 or by emailing

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