Alliance AMD "Engineer" Workstation

The Alliance AMD "Engineer" Workstation represents a terrific foundation for professionals and freelancers in the fields of Building Information Modelling, Engineering and Mechanical Design.

Whether it is used in a professional studio or in a home office setting, the Alliance AMD "Engineer" Workstation is more than capable of meeting the demands of complex software such as:

• AutoCAD (Autodesk)
• Inventor (Autodesk)
• Revit (Autodesk)
• SolidWorks (Dassault Systemes)

While this system meets the needs of most professionals and freelancers, changes can be made to the below configuration to meet specific needs. If you would like to discuss your configuration with one our resident CAD experts, please contact our store on 07 3421 3200 or email

You can customise this pre-configured desktop below, and then add to cart to save quote for later, or place an order with us.

Core Components