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Sony AIT SDX1-35C 35G-90G Tape

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4MB/s Transfer rate, 35GB Native Capacity CASH PRICE ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer PN: SDX1-35C
GTIN: 027242541511
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Tremendous capacity, tiny form factor, great reliability

One space-saving AIT-5 cartridge holds up to 400GB native, 1040GB compressed, and offers a fast data transfer rate of 24MB/s (native). Sony's drive technology and AME tape technology come together in the AIT format to deliver a remarkable combination of high reliability and high recording density.

AIT family offers versatile solutions
Scalable AIT format:

Since Sony introduced the format in 1996, AIT has gained a reputation for high reliability and high capacity in a space-saving form factor.

1. Proven Technology
In the AIT format Sony has applied advanced technologies refined and proven over many years.
2. High capacity, small form factor
Thanks to Sony's technological expertise, AIT achieves extraordinary data densities in a small 8mm cartridge. It's a space-saving solution that's much more compact than other formats of equivalent capacity.
3. AIT-5 raises capacity to 400GB/1040GB
Sony has done it again with AIT-5. Building on AIT's established technology, Sony has increased recording density even further. AIT-5 is now able to store data with a compressed capacity of 1,040GB on a small 8mm cassette. To improve the electromagnetic conversion characteristic, AIT-5 employs a newly developed method of applying the magnetic layer, reducing the size of magnetic particles even further. Additional advancements on the back-coating allow for higher areal data density, translating to higher recording density and reliability. And modifications on the protective layer help minimize wear of the tape and the drive head.
4. Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) format available
WORM (write-once read-many) allows data to be written and added but not overwritten or erased. This protects valuable data against accidental erasure and prevents alteration of archived data files.
5. R-MIC (Remote Memory In Cassette)
Sony SDX5-400C, SDX5-400W, SDX4-200C, SDX4-200W, SDX3X-150C, SDX3-100C, SDX3-100W and SDX2-50W products feature non-contact R-MIC (Remote Memory In Cassette) chip technology. This internal memory can simplify media management and accelerate access in library environments, compared to conventional bar-code methods.