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MYOB AccountRight Premier

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The flexible way to manage your advanced accounting needs Perfect for: Complex businesses. Running a separate admin team. Operating in multiple currencies. Advanced stock management. Same time access for 3 people, Windows Version ONLY. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST! CASH PRICE
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For big business


Increase efficiency

As your business grows you can give multiple users access to the accounts, and increase efficiency across the board.

Wouldn’t you rather work smarter not harder? With multi-user access, you can put AccountRight Premier on your network and have up to three of your staff working on the accounts at the same time*. You control the level of access and the type of information they can see.

While this is currently limited to desktop and single server access, the release of AccountRight Live Premier in 2013 will mean you can connect with others in the cloud and access the same business accounts at the same time…from any location!

*100BaseT Ethernet network that supports NetBEUI, NetBIOS or TCP/IP networking protocols.

Trade globally

With its multi-currency features, AccountRight Premier is the perfect choice if you do international business.

While your local currency is automatically enabled, you can also set-up multi-currency operating to enter transactions in any foreign currency.

If you deal in multiple currencies, it’s important to be able to monitor currency exchange fluctuations – your software will help you track any realised/unrealised exchange rate gains and losses too.

You can even track overseas bank accounts and foreign assets and liabilities.


Easy payment options

With M-Powered Services you can generate professional invoices and statements, and offer easy payment options to customers.

You can add BPAY®, credit-card and Postbillpay payment options to all of your invoices, with everything your customers need to know, including your BPAY details and the Australia Post barcode, automatically printed in the 'How to pay' section.

You can add BPAY®, credit-card and Postbillpay payment options to all of your invoices, with everything your customers need to know, including your BPAY details and the Australia Post barcode, automatically printed in the 'How to pay' section.

M-Powered Invoices also puts an end to the tedious task of reconciliation, by automatically updating invoice payments.

When a customer pays you using your M-Powered Invoice, funds are deposited directly into your bank account and cleared the next day (if the payment is made during business hours).

Each business day you’ll receive an email with detailed payment advice including which invoice has been paid, when it was paid and how it was paid. That same email will contain a reconciliation file that will automatically update your accounts with all of the latest information. How good is that!

Extra support

When you purchase AccountRight Premier you receive 12 months free membership to MYOB Cover – the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest software releases, Payroll updates and to receive 24/7 support

Advanced inventory


Keep in control


With AccountRight Premier, you’ll always be able to keep track of what you buy and sell, know what’s in stock and what’s on order.

As well as viewing what’s on hand, the items list enables you to compare physical and counted stock, and purchase costs and selling price.

If you want to sell more of an item than is recorded on-hand, this advanced inventory system enables you to manage negative items by recording sales that result in negative inventory.

It’s a flexible system that also lets you assign descriptions and images to stock, and buy and sell in different units.

Build stock components


If you combine individual components to make finished goods, use the Auto-Build function to quickly build stock and adjust inventory values.

And if you use a number of components to assemble one stock item (for example combining a bottle of perfume, lotion and bath salts to make up a gift pack), the inventory system allows you to track those components during the assembly process.

It also helps you co-ordinate the delivery capacity of suppliers to ensure there’s adequate warehouse space for the items on order.

Manage multiple pricing

Having the flexibility to set special prices and offer discounts for large orders helps maintain a loyal customer base.

AccountRight Premier has a handy pricing matrix that helps you structure your pricing according to customer status and sales quantities. It makes it easy to manage multiple pricing levels either on a permanent or one-off basis, assign them to customers, and offer predefined discounts for bulk orders.

Stay on track

You can easily generate a range of reports to give you a quick overview of your key areas of inventory.

The Analyse Inventory Summary report serves as your order book, with a list of sales and purchase orders for all or selected items.

The Items List Summary report displays on-hand quantities, total value and current average cost price. It helps you compare your total inventory value, to the total of your inventory asset accounts.

The Price Summary report acts as your price list and is great for sending to customers. You can also convert it to HTML and post it on a company intranet or online.

Stress free payroll


Set up pay runs

Whether you employ permanent or part-time staff, the AccountRight Premier Payroll feature gives you a more efficient way of handling pay.

We have your payment obligations covered. You can set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly electronic pay runs to transfer your employees’ wages into their nominated bank account, through internet banking or whichever method suits you best. Pay runs can also be saved and actioned later.

Easy payroll management

When it comes to calculating employee tax (PAYG), superannuation and leave entitlements, AccountRight Premier does the maths for you.

You can also work out the state based (payroll) tax for your business and generate reports as required. At year-end it takes just a few mouse clicks to complete and submit Payment Summaries.

And managing your employees’ leave entitlements has never been easier.

AccountRight Premier includes a feature that calculates and records employee leave statuses and balances for you. You can automatically accrue and manage annual leave, sick leave, Rostered Days Off and Time in Lieu, then deduct that time as it’s used. It also helps you handle long service leave.

You can generate accrual reports like entitlement balances for a quick overview.

Bill by time

The ability to track the details of every job is a real time saver when it comes to paying employees and charging clients.

The AccountRight Premier time billing feature makes it easy to record each unit of time spent by both employees and suppliers on an individual job.

You can also set billing rates based on the activity, or the hourly charge-out rate for a particular employee or customer. And record non-chargeable activities – handy if you want to keep track of costs like entertainment, which generally can’t be charged to the customer.

As a flow-on effect, timesheets, pay runs and invoicing become a quicker process for all involved.

Stay on top of business

If you have to pay state or territory tax, we’ll help you calculate the amount using your payroll information.

The Payroll Tax report and the Accruals by Category (Payroll Tax) report will quickly show you your payroll tax liability. You can also run reports on PAYG withholdings, superannuation, leave deductions, allowances and bonuses.

You choose how to display your reports, by customising the detail contained within them to suit your business needs.

Accounting covered


Simplify GST calculations


Complex GST and BAS calculations are a thing of the past – AccountRight Live Premier does all the hard work for you.

It can calculate and track your Goods and Services Tax (GST) on a cash or accrual basis and gives you everything you need to prepare your Business Activity Statements (BAS).

A simple end of financial year close off ensures you get it right the first time. And financial data from previous years is accessible, so there’s no need to restore company files.

Once you’re ready to hand your data over to the ATO, you can even submit your GST and BAS online.

Streamlined sales process


From quoting, to issuing invoices and receipts, the entire sales process can be managed through the Sales centre.

Start the ball rolling by creating your personalised quote. Once accepted by your client the quote can be turned into an order at the click of a button, and just as easily into an invoice when the job is completed. Finally, once payment is received you can quickly issue a receipt.

Any of these documents can then be printed off or emailed from within the system.

You can also enable payment options including BPAY®, Postbillpay® and credit card utilising M-Powered Services. All the information your customers need, including your BPAY details, are automatically printed in the 'How to pay' section of your invoices.

Track payments

Getting paid on time is a balancing act that involves good planning, full visibility and flexibility.

With AccountRight Premier it’s easy to track what’s owed to you and when you should be paid. The Sales Register window contains your sales transactions, organised into five categories – All Sales, Quotes, Open Invoices, Returns & Credits and Closed Invoices.

You can assign prompt payment discounts and late payment fees so they’re added to client transactions or accounts automatically – one less thing to manage!

To reduce the risk of unpaid or over-extended accounts you can even set credit limits. You’ll receive a warning if a customer exceeds their credit limit and you can also place a hold on sales when the credit limit is reached.

Take control

You can easily manage your own purchases and track and pay expenses, so you always know exactly where you stand.

Using the Purchases window you can make bill payments to suppliers and creditors, as well as review and approve expense claims, with just the click of a button. The Bank Register is the fast way to arrange and record your ongoing business operations costs (like rent).

Tailored Reports

Choose from a range of customisable reports designed to provide insight into key areas of your business.

Reports are organised into groups – Accounts, Banking, GST/Sales Tax, Sales, Inventory and Card. You can select how to display your reports, filter the amount of information, and customise the detail contained within them to suit your individual needs. You can also export your reports to other file formats like Excel® and PDF.

Options like budgets, jobs and categories even help you to set goals and measure your progress along the way.

If a visual snapshot is more your style, an enhanced Business Insights Dashboard gives you a broader overview.

Look after your contacts

AccountRight Premier helps you manage two of your most important assets – your customers and your suppliers.

Get closer with CRM capabilities which enable you to keep a contact log for each client, create reminder alerts, and sync with Microsoft Outlook® to create contact groups for bulk emailing.

Track all of your customer and supplier interactions, including payment histories and add details like bank account numbers, tax and currency information to help with invoicing.

When you’re on the hunt for a specific client, supplier or item you can search by name, description or item number to save on time. You can quickly sort and group by data attributes and list results in ascending or descending order.