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IOGEAR PenScript Active Stylus for Smartphones and Tablets

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Active Stylus for Smartphones and TabletsWith today's evershifting transformation towards a paperless world we rely more than ever on our electronic devices to carry out daily activities such as sending emails taking notes or running businesses. IOGEAR's PenScript Active Stylus sets out to redefine the way we interact with our touchscreen and mobile devices. The main means of communicating with our touchscreen devices today is with our fingers. Our fingers as multifunctional as they are are often times not the best or most accurate way to interact with our devices especially for taking notes or drawing on a tablet or smartphone. The PenScript active stylus provides a superior alternative in a form factor that we're all familiar with.What is an Active Stylus?An active stylus is an input device that allows the user to write or draw directly on a device's screen. It is usually used for precise drawing notetaking annotating electronic documents or providing electronic signatures. Active ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer PN: GSTYA100
Warranty: 1 Year