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Cougar MINOS X5 USB RGB Gaming Mouse

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COUGAR Minos X5 represents the apex of the respected line of Minos gaming mice, this time equipped with the definitive gaming sensor: the PMW3360. Sharing the unique shape of its predecessors, this massive upgrade brings this mouse design, loved by thousands of gamers, to a wholly new level of precision. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer PN: MINOS X5
GTIN: 871520009671
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Total Precision. Also in 4K.

2000 Hz: The World’s Fastest Polling RateMinos X5 brings you the fastest polling rate available on the market. Real 2000 Hz, not overclocked as in many competitors. Every half a millisecond, your computer will receive updated information, getting as close as real-time tracking as you can get in a gaming mouse. This is twice the highest refresh rate offered by most our competitors, which has the potential of allowing you to react twice as fast as your rivals. Smoother movements join the PMW3360's precision to help you thoroughly trash your opponents.

COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)

PC Polling Intervals

COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)

The 2000Hz Polling Rate provides a smoother experience by doubling the speed with which the sensor provides input to the computer.


Real 12000 DPIOver-marketed as it may be, DPI are still relevant when it comes to defining a gaming mouse's accuracy. Superior accuracy does not come so much from having the highest possible DPI as from having the right DPI for your screen and computer usage. For this reason, we offer you a DPI range that includes the optimal DPI level for all existing functional gaming resolutions (including 4K and 8K). With a Minos X5 you have a sensor able to perform at the highest level in virtually all the gaming resolutions on the market.

COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)

The Minos Design, Upgraded

Minos X5 is the latest scion of a powerful family of gaming mice. With a distinctive shape that has been tested and praised by professionals of the world’s most demanding eSports arenas, this is one of the best pieces of gaming gear you can get if what you want is to show just how good you really are. Comfortable and functional, its shape and layout have been designed to make it easy to move the mouse while at the same time reducing the travel distance your fingers need to travel to access its buttons.

COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)

Six Glorious Buttons

Minos X5 sports six buttons: the optimal number for non-specialized gaming mice that allows customization while preventing button clutter. The two main mouse buttons, those which tend to bear the biggest burden during gaming, are equipped with OMRON switches that give them unparalleled reliability and a long useful life of 50 million clicks, and have independent pressing areas that quicken reaction and reduce accidental clicking.

COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)


  • COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)
    RGB Power

    Atmosphere and Usefulness Minos X5 comes with a two-zone powerful RGB backlight. Useful for identifying visually the configuration profile you are using, it also helps you create the gaming atmosphere you want, choosing among 16.8 million colors.

  • COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)
    Advanced 32-Bit Computing

    To harness the massive power of this gaming beast’s sensor and other components, a 32-bit processor works non-stop and guarantees a quick and smooth response to all your commands.

  • COUGAR MINOS X5 - Multi-Color Backlight System (2 Zone RGB)
    Anti-Slip Real Rubber Flanks

    To help you get a solid hold during intensive gaming sessions, Minos X5 comes with two real rubber (not coating) flanks that further stabilize your grip.