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Canon DRM140 A4 Document Scanner with ADF

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The DR-M140 delivers outstanding user-friendliness and versatility in a remarkably compact body. Use the U-turn document path and control panel to conveniently perform all operations necessary for basic scanning tasks from the front of the scanner. Switch to the straight path to scan embossed cards and delicate documents. ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer PN: DRM140
GTIN: 4528472104447
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Feed and eject documents using only the space in front of the scanner with the U-turn path, or use the straight path to scan cards, thick documents, and other documents sensitive to bending. Switching between the document paths based on document type is quick and easy.

The scanner's compact body saves valuable desk space and fits easily on countertops and other narrow spaces. Full front side operability, including the ability to feed and eject documents from the front of the scanner, offers the ultimate in user-friendly scanning.

You can scan plain plastic cards and embossed cards* (e.g., credit cards) alike, and even scan mixed document batches that contain both cards and paper documents. * Up to three plain cards can be scanned at one time. Embossed cards must be scanned one at a time.

An improved CMOS contact image sensor unit enables the DR-M140's fast 40 ppm / 80 ipm scanning. Color documents can be scanned just as quickly as in B&W, and double-sided documents are scanned in one pass.

Canon's reliable page separation mechanism provides smooth feeding of a wide variety of document sizes and weights. Features such as Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection and Rapid Recovery further ensure dependability by making sure each and every page of a batch is scanned.

This function automatically determines which documents of a mixed batch should be saved in color, grayscale or B&W, so it's no longer necessary to separate documents prior to scanning. Auto Page Size Detection  Save the time and trouble of sorting batches by paper size. This function automatically detects the size of each fed document and ensures properly sized images for each page.

Useful for scanning batches that include single- and double-sided documents, this function automatically removes unnecessary blank pages from the image file.

Almost all operations can be performed from the front side of the scanner. The front panels open wide for easy access to replaceable parts and jammed paper. Consumable parts such as the feed roller unit and retard roller are simple and easy to replace.