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Blu-Ray Writer Samsung 6X SLIM External USB 2.0 Drive PN SE-506CB

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Designed to simplify life "on the move", Samsung SE-506 portable Blu-ray Drive is equipped with a wide range of features ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer PN: SE-506CB
GTIN: 887276693767
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer Website

$119SAVE $30

Experience true entertainment.

True 1080p Full HD technology is more than just entertainment, it’s an experience. And it’s the pinnacle of picture quality, engulfing and entertaining you with spectacular detail – rich, eye-popping colours and super-sharp, ultra-realistic images that enhance anything and everything on your screen. With our Blu-ray drives, you’ll feel like you’re seeing your favourite movie for the very first time.

Let BD Advisor guide you through the Blu-ray.

Blu-ray lets you get the most out of your movie watching, so shouldn’t you get the most out of Blu-ray? That’s where BD Advisor comes in. It lets you unlock the power of interactive high-definition movie viewing with PowerDVD and Blu-ray
Discs. BD Advisor helps you test your system and understand Blu-ray basics as well as suggest upgrades. Now you can always enjoy the best Blu-ray has to offer.

Give your DVDs a movie-makeover.

Breathe new life into your movie collection with up-scale technology. It gives your standard definition DVDs a dramatically different high resolution look. And it gives your movie-viewing experience a cinematic boost. By up-scaling, your favourite DVDs will feature the same brilliant details and rich, robust colours you’ve come to enjoy from the high definition content on your HDTV.

More room for more movies.

The BD disc can really pack it in. When it comes to capacity, BD discs truly outsize – and outclass – DVDs and CDs. In fact, with a single layer capacity of 25GB and a double layer capacity of 50GB, you’re talking almost five times as much room as a DVD and 70 times as much room as a CD. Ready for a quadruple feature? Because that translates into 135 minutes of High Definition movie time and nine hours of standard definition movie time.

Experience 3D

3D in Full HD is now a reality. With vivid new dimensions in picture depth and crystal-clear images that leap out of your screen, you will be fully immersed in the movies. PowerDVD with support for Blu-ray 3D delivers this in an all new viewing experience. Broad 3D support : PowerDVD delivers Blu-ray 3D to any compatible 3D displays and supports all 3D video file formate.

Engineered for extreme reliability.

Samsung’s Optical Disc Drives maximise your Blu-ray experience. Not only do they maximise Blu-ray resolution, their 2-lens and 2-laser diode system reads and writes CDs and DVDs with more precision focus than most ODDs single lens system. Combine that with improved BD disc reading quality and DVD double layer disc writing quality, and you’ll find our Optical Disc Drives were built to be as reliable as they are enjoyable.

Enjoy the AV connectivity!

AV devices such as TV are available for multimedia files on your disc by connecting Samsung External ODD via USB cable.
Just give it two light touches with Tray open And the Drive goes into AV connectivity mode.
It lets you enjoy a variety of content including music, pictures and video
From now, Samsung external ODD is not only for storage but also for mulimedia!

General Features

  • Drive Type: Blu-ray Writer
  • External
  • Enclosure Type: External
  • Drive Height: Slim (12.7mm)
  • Loading Type: Tray
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Drive Mounting: Horizontal
  • 4MB Buffer Memory
  • Disc Formats: BD-R Single Layer,BD-R Single Layer LTH, BD-R Dual Layer, BD-R Triple Layer, BD-R Quad Layer, BD-RE Single Layer, BD-RE Dual Layer, BD-RE Triple Layer, BD-ROM Single Layer, BD-ROM Dual Layer, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD+R, DVD+R Dual Layer, DVD-R, DVD-R Dual Layer, DVD-RAM, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-RAM, CD-DA, CD+E (G), CD-MIDI, CD-TEXT, CD-ROM XA, Mixed Mode CD, CD-I, CD-I Bridge (Photo-CD, Video-CD), Multisession CD (Photo-CD, CD-EXTRA, Portfolio)


  • AV Connectivity available
  • Blu-ray 3D available
  • Blu-ray Advisor available
  • Up-Scale Technology available
  • Buffer Under Run Free Technology available
  • Speed Adjustment Technology (S.A.T) available
  • Double O.P.C Technology available
  • Firmware Live Update available
  • Tilt Actuator Compensation Technology (T.A.C) available
  • Eco-Product available

Data Transfer Rate

  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-R Dual Layer Write
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-R Dual Layer Read
  • 2X (9MB/sec) BD-RE Dual Layer Write
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-RE Dual Layer Read
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-ROM Dual Layer Read
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+R Write
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+R Read
  • 6X (8.1MB/sec) DVD+R Dual Layer Write
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+R Dual Layer Read
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-R Write
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-R Read
  • 6X (8.1MB/sec) DVD-R Dual Layer Write
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-R Dual Layer Read
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+RW Write
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD+RW Read
  • 6X (8.1MB/sec) DVD-RW Write
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-RW Read
  • 8X (10.8MB/sec) DVD-ROM Read
  • 5X (6.75MB/sec) DVD-RAM Write
  • 5X (6.75MB/sec) DVD-RAM Read
  • 24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-R Write
  • 24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-R Read
  • 24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-RW Write
  • 24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-RW Read
  • 24X (3.6MB/sec) CD-ROM Read
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-R Single Layer Write
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-R Single Layer Read
  • 4X (18MB/sec) BD-R Single Layer LTH Write
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-R Single Layer LTH Read
  • 4X (18MB/sec) BD-R Triple Layer Write
  • 4X (18MB/sec) BD-R Triple Layer Read
  • 4X (18MB/sec) BD-R Quad Layer Write
  • 4X (18MB/sec) BD-R Quad Layer Read
  • 2X (9MB/sec) BD-RE Single Layer Write
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-RE Single Layer Read
  • 2X (9MB/sec) BD-RE Triple Layer Write
  • 4X (18MB/sec) BD-RE Triple Layer Read
  • 6X (27MB/sec) BD-RE Single Layer Write

Physical Features

  • 145.0 x 19.5 x 145.0mm Dimension
  • 0.33kg Weight

Performance Feature

  • 300ms BD-ROM Average Access Time
  • 180ms DVD-ROM Average Access Time
  • 170ms CD-ROM Average Access Time