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92mm Zalman ZM-SF2 Sharks Fin Blade Silent Fan

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Zalman ZM-SF2 Sharks Fin Blade 92mm Silent Fan ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST! CASH PRICE
Manufacturer PN: ZM-SF2
GTIN: 823884202090
Warranty: 1 Year
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Zalman's new SF series of case fans feature Shark-fin blades that help reduce noise and vibrations while increasing airflow. They also feature silicone anti-vibration fan mounts.


Korean cooling company Zalman are world-famous in their field, and the Zalman ZM-F2 Plus SF shows that they can produce good quality, simple and inexpensive cooling fans. The F2 is Zalman's 92mm quiet case fan which comes with silicone anti-vibration mounting pins which significantly dampen low-frequency vibrations from the fan which would otherwise be transmitted into the PC case and be amplified.

The new SF series feature Shark-fin blades that greatly reduce turbulence caused by the fan rotation. This helps to reduce noise and vibration while increasing airflow.