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2TB Seagate 3.5" 7200rpm SV SATA HDD PN ST2000VX000

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2TB Capacity, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache, Seagate® SV35 Series™ hard drives are designed to optimize performance while improving reliability in digital video surveillance systems. PN ST2000VX000 CASH PRICE
Manufacturer PN: ST2000VX002
Warranty: 2 Year
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SV35 Series™ SATA 2-TB Hard Drive


Model Number ST2000VX000
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Cache 64MB
Capacity 2TB
Areal density (avg) 345Gb/in2
Guaranteed Sectors 1,953,525,168
Height 26.1mm (1.028 in)
Width 101.6mm (4.0 in)
Length 147.00mm (5.78 in)
Weight (typical) 635g (1.39 lb)
Spin Speed (RPM) 7200 RPM
Random read seek time 8.5ms
Random write seek time 9.5ms
Unrecoverable read errors 1 in 1014
Annual Failure Rate 0.80%
Maximum start current, DC 2.0
Acoustics (Idle Volume) 2.7 bels
Acoustics (Seek Volume) 2.8 bels


  • Video surveillance digital video recorder (SDVR)
  • Video surveillance network digital video recorder (NVR)
  • Direct-attached JBOD video storage
  • Network-attached JBOD video storage


The SV35 Series hard drives are engineered for rigorous 24x7 video surveillance systems, offering tuned performance, high capacities and durable reliability required for the high-write workloads of video surveillance systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 2TB, 1TB and 500GB capacities
  • SATA 6Gb/s
  • Enterprise-class reliability for 24x7 video surveillance applications, with >1 million hours MTBF and <1% AFR
  • Leading areal densities boost performance with a smaller mechanical part count. Spin-up is current-limited at 2A to allow the use of the most energy-efficient and cool-running power supplies.
  • ATA-7 streaming commands optimize video streaming performance and integrity.