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12 Bay Thecus W12000 2RU Xeon Gigabit NAS Unit

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Intel Xeon E3-1225 3.1GHz Processor, 8GB DDR3 Memory, Enterprise Size for Enterprise Tasks. SATA III and SAS 6G for Ultra-Fast Transfer Speeds. Single-Instance Storage (Dedup), HDMI, 6 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, eSATA, No Operating System ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Manufacturer PN: W12000
Warranty: 2 Year
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  • Single-Instance Storage (Dedup)
    When data is sent to multiple users, single-instance storage allocates data to be stored once, eliminating the need to duplicate data storage. This results to reduced data storage and improved data backups. Single-instance storage is most functional when transferring data to large distribution directories by improved delivery efficiency.
  • No Windows Server CALs Required
    No CALs required benefits users the ability to access the services of the server without a permit. With this, business users will not have to go through the trouble of obtaining authorization of per-user or per-device. With no CALs required, users are able to access data on demand, without the troubles of CALs.
  • PCI-e Gen2
    The evolved PCI-e Gen2 offers innovative technology that saves cost with an efficient narrow configuration. While doubling the transfer rate of the previous PCI-e, the PCI-e Gen2 provides the same bandwidth as the PCI-e but with only half its lanes. The target is to save on cost and provide an improved PCI-e for users. The Gen2 provides a significant improvement on system performance over the PCI-e; users can now enjoy faster transfer speeds and connectivity.
  • HDMI Output
    Make your NAS into the ultimate multimedia hub! The W12000's HDMI output allows you to connect your NAS directly to your TV for device management.
  • 10GbE Ready
    High-end data centers often need a level of speed that today's average Internet cannot provide. This Thecus NAS is 10Gb Ethernet ready to satisfy the toughest needs of today and tomorrow.
  • USB 3.0 Connectivity
    The next generation of connectivity is here with speeds 10x faster than USB 2.0. Whether connecting digital cameras and smart phones, backing up large external hard drives, or extending the capacity of your NAS, USB 3.0 will make sure it's done in no time at up to 5 Gbit/s. Backwards compatibility adds the connectivity of a world full of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices to get the best combination of speed and universal access.
Item Spec
Processor Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 3.1GHz Processor
System Memory 8GB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage (for Pre-installed OS) 2.5" SATA
320GB 5400rpm/7200rpm above
LAN Interface (PCI-e) RJ-45x3: Intel 82574L 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-X
WOL supported
USB Interface USB 2.0 host port x6 (front x2, back x4) (Type A)
USB 3.0 host port x2 (back x2)
LED Indicator Power: (blue)
HDD 1-12 Activity/Fail (green/red)
HDMI Output HDMI port (back x1)
Audio MIC input, Line input, Audio output
SAS/SATA controller (HBA), PCI-e (8-lane) LSI 2008 HBA card supports 6G SAS/SATA (x8)
Disk Interface 12 x SATA for internal
1 x eSATA for external
Power Supply Redundant power supply 500W or more
PCI-e Slots 8-lane (x3), One is used by SAS HBA
4-lane (x1)
1-lane (x1) used by CU30N (USB 3.0)
Thermal/Fan Control Thermal sensor on processor temperature
CPU fan control
System fan control
System Fan Hot swappable (x4)
Buttons Power button (Front, shutdown controlled by user interface)
System reset button
Locator button
RS232 1 (For UPS)
Environment Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
Humidity: 0 ~ 80 % R.H. (Non-condensing)
Chassis 2U Rack mount
Dimensions (HxWxD) 89 x 440 x 662 (mm)
Weight 15.8Kgs

2. Software Functions (Optional, Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard Version)

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard is a robust and reliable foundation on which to develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications. Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard provides a secure network infrastructure and reduces costs while increasing technological flexibility and value within your organization.

Key Features
File sharing (SMB & NFS)
File Classification Infrastructure (FCI)
File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
Domain Join
Shared block storage (iSCSI Target + Boot)
OEM Customizable Out of Box Experience
Storage Spaces
Virtualization(Host + 2 VM*)
Simplified Cluster Setup
Networking Infra (DHCP, DNS & WINS)
Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) Yes
Thin Provisioning Yes
Storage Spaces Yes
SMB Transparent Failover Yes
Failover Clustering Yes
Cluster-Aware Updating Yes
Online CHKDSK scanning Yes
Scale-out active-active/continuously available file server Yes
SMB Multichannel Yes
SMB Direct (RDMA) Yes
SMB performance DAS equivalence Yes (97% of DAS transaction performance)
Hyper-V VHD files & SQL Server database files on SMB shared folders Yes
Online Backup to Cloud Yes
Hyper-V Replica Yes
NIC teaming Yes
Hyper-V share-nothing live storage migration Yes
Hyper-V Virtual Fiber Channel Yes
ReFS Yes
Native 4K Disk Support Yes
Virtual Disk Format VHDX up to 64 TB
Shared block storage (iSCSI Target + Diskless Boot) Yes
BranchCache Yes
Virtualization (Hyper-V host or guest support) Yes
Simplified Cluster Setup Yes
Networking Infra (Print, DHCP, DNS & WINS) Yes
NFS file sharing NFS v4.1
Deduplication Yes
OEM Customizable Out of Box Experience Yes
DFS-Namespace and Replication Yes
File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) Yes
File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) Yes
Domain Join Yes
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Yes
Windows Server Backup Yes
BitLocker Yes

3. New and changed features in Windows Storage Server 2012 R2

Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 makes significant improvements throughout File and Storage Services, including to protocols, data access and replication, continuous availability, scalability, deployment and management.

Feature/functionality Summary
Storage protocols

-iSCSI Target Server –Improvements to iSCSI Target Server include support for VHDx (VHD 2.0) virtual hard disks for capacities of up to 64 TB. iSCSI Target Server also now supports SMI-S, enabling end-to-end provisioning using System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

-SMB – Improvements to the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol include better SMB Direct performance, automatic rebalancing for Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) on scale-out file servers, shared VHDx files, Hyper-V Live Migration over SMB, SMB bandwidth management, detailed event messages, and more.

Data access and replication

-Work Folders - a new feature that facilitates the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) scenario by enabling users to access work files from their personal computers and devices. Organizations retain centralized control over their data and can specify device policies such as encryption and lock screen password.

-DFS Replication – Enhancements include increases in scalability, the ability to do database cloning and corruption recovery, a Windows PowerShell module, a new WMI provider, faster replication on high bandwidth connections, and recovery tools for conflicts.

Continuous availability

-Failover Clustering - Enhancements include improvements to virtual machine availability, Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV), dynamic cluster quorums, cluster node health detection, deployment, updating and monitoring.

-Hyper-V - Enhancements include shared virtual hard disks, resizing of virtual hard disks while a VM is running, storage quality of service (QoS), improved performance for live migrations, cross-version live migrations, and several more new or improved capabilities.

Scalability improvements

-Storage Spaces – Enhancements include storage tiering, SSD write-back caches for storage spaces, parity storage spaces on failover clusters, dual parity storage spaces, and faster rebuilding of storage spaces after disk failures.

-Data Deduplication - Enhancements include support for Cluster Shared Volumes and deduplication of live Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) VMs that reside on a file server connected via SMB.

Deployment and management

-OEM Appliance OOBE (out-of-the-box experience) - Enhancements include added support for four-node cluster deployments and a wizard for creating a domain controller within a Hyper-V VM that can be used to deploy a turnkey cluster-in-a-box.

-Storage Management API – Enhancements include an improved Storage Management API enables 10x faster enumerations, added cluster-awareness, and remote management for Storage Spaces new features.